New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

Don’t let the weather fool you – spring is finally here! What comes to mind at the start of this new season? Sunshine, flowers, the outdoors…CLEANING! Spring cleaning, in the traditional sense, refers to the yearly practice of thoroughly cleaning a home. Ridding the home of all the excess, the filth, the impurities can feel extremely satisfying and the physical act of cleaning can be therapeutic, as well. While this deep cleanse can require hard work and sufficient time, the final product is typically well worth it.

If eliminating the unnecessary that has accumulated from a home can feel so gratifying, why not expand the arena in which spring cleaning occurs? Below are some other ways to add to your spring clean this year:

Your Mind

PrioritizeScrub away the mental clutter. Mental clutter refers to the negativity, the worries, the fears, the inconsequential, and the unimportant that congests our inner worlds. This clutter often leads to confusion, disorganization, stress and feelings of chaos and a lack of control. Taking the steps to declutter your mind can help you gain more clarity and feel more productive.

First, prioritize. Accept that our brains were not built to split attention in so many different directions. Determine what is the most important to you and choose to focus on just those few things.

Second, work on letting go of the past. Mind clutter is often comprised of thoughts related to the mistakes we’ve made, the losses we’ve experienced, and the opportunities we think we missed. Try to discard these memories that are no longer serving you and are only taking up space in your current life.

Lastly, limit multi-tasking and increase mindfulness. When engaging in an activity, situation or event, be fully present. Focus all of your attention on that one thing at hand. When other things try and work their way into the moment, mentally push them away.

Spring cleaning your relationshipsYour Relationships

Take some time to reflect on the relationships in your life–your family, friends, coworkers. Are the people who make up your day-to-day people who make you feel good about yourself? Are they people who contribute to your success and facilitate growth? Are they supportive, considerate and understanding?

If the answer to all or most of these questions is “no,” then it is time to do some cleaning.  Weed out, eliminate or reduce the encounters with those who do not bring positivity into your life.

Your Food

Clean up your diet. This does not have to revolve around restrictions or eating more of one particular type of food. Be mindful of what you are putting in your body and simply reduce or eliminate only the foods or “extras” in your diet that don’t actually make you feel good.

Doing a deep clean not only in your home, but also your mind, relationships and food can lead to a happier, healthier you this spring. Happy cleaning!


Authored by:  Jessica Oppenheimer