How To Set and Protect Your Boundaries

Protect Your Boundaries

How To Set and Protect Your Boundaries

Setting and protecting your boundaries is a process; it takes insight into your own needs, patience in working them into your relationships, and maintenance for them.

I often ask people to be a little selfish for setting their own boundaries, depending on the situation. I also ask them to be a little selfless when respecting others’ boundaries.

When setting boundaries, it’s important to practice mindfulness. What do you presently need? What do you presently want? Once you have figured that out, you can better articulate your own limits and explain why your limits are what they are.

Protecting your boundaries also requires some mindfulness. Do you feel your boundaries are being respected, and if not, how can you effectively communicate that with others? Effective communication can help explain your point of view and your needs. It can also put into perspective why you have them in place and why they are worth maintaining to whomever you may be communicating with.

Always remember to take time for yourself.

Authored by: Tyler Diaz, LCSW