Coping Ahead

Holiday dinner

Coping Ahead

Summer is officially in the rearview and fall is here. For some people, this elicits excitement over sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything. For others, it means dread over figuring out plans for the holidays. Anxiety over impending events (especially those that are still up in the air), is completely normal.

If thinking about making holiday plans is stressing you out, or the thought of having to sit next to your uncle who smells and only wants to talk politics is causing you to panic, then I’ve got you covered!

Here are some tricks for coping ahead when the future (one day, one week, or one month) has got you stressed out.

1. Plan Ahead

If you know you’ll be attending a Halloween party where everyone gets dressed up, don’t wait last minute to find a costume. Why let the anxiety of figuring out what to wear keep you stressed out as Halloween gets closer? Instead, be able to check one thing off your to-do list by ordering a costume ahead of time so you can clear room in your head to focus on other things.

2. Exit Strategies

Having an exit strategy is important when you think you might be put in an uncomfortable situation. Plan ahead of time how you will get out of a situation if you anticipate the possibility of needing an escape. Have a code word with a friend which lets him/her know they need to come rescue you from an awkward conversation with your ex. Or perhaps offer to go to the grocery store (aka get out of the house) when your grandma won’t stop asking about your dating life or when you’re getting married.

3. Make a Pros/Cons List

When debating if you should go to that party, or accept that invitation to Thanksgiving, think before answering if you have any reservations. Write out a list of pros and cons to weigh accepting vs declining. Seeing them written down rather than just thinking about this list can make things more clear. If there are more pros to going, then go and enjoy! However, if the cons are outweighing the positives, then perhaps you should politely decline.

A failure to plan is planning to fail. Set yourself up for success these next few months (and for life) by putting these 3 small tips into action.


Authored by: Tracey Weiss