Mindfulness Tip: Calling Out or Calling In?

Mindfulness Tip: Calling Out or Calling In?

At this time of uncertainty, when the world is upside down, we at HPS stand in support of all people of color because we believe black lives matter.

We believe that the most important thing for all of us to do at this time is to talk: talk about what’s happening, talk about our biases, talk about how to work toward change.

An important distinction to consider is to think if you need to be calling out or calling in.

Calling Out looks to behavioral, overt interactions with others and is necessary when:

  • We need to let someone know that their words or actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  • We need to interrupt in order to prevent further harm
  • It will likely feel hard and uncomfortable, and is necessary
  • It allows us to hit the “pause” button and break the momentum

Calling In looks to our reflective, more covert interactions with ourselves and is necessary when:

  • There is an opportunity to explore deeper, make meaning together, and find a mutual sense of understanding across difference
  • We are seeking to understand or learn more
  • We want to help imagine different perspectives, possibilities, or outcomes
  • It provides for multiple perspectives and encourages paradigm shifts
  • It focused on reflection, not reaction
  • It is not just a suggestion with an uptick (Don’t you think you should…?)

The following article shares ideas as to how we can all work toward being an ally, with actionable items. Additionally, the second link provides an excellent list of resources.

Remember to focus on getting yourself grounded before you have these challenging conversations. The more stable you feel within your body, the better equipped you are to handle the emotional intensity of the situation. Also recall that there is a way to call out, as well as a way to call in.

We cannot in good conscience stand idly by and not address the impact the current state of our country has on the mental health of all of its citizens. I encourage you to speak with one another, your families, and your therapists, for help and guidance.

Please reach out to us if needed. We’re all in this together.

Authored by:  Dr. Jen